PVC TrimWelder

H.B. Fuller's PVC TrimWelder™ is a specialized line of adhesives, uniquely formulated for use with PVC cellular boards in both commercial and residential construction. It's designed to resist moisture, prevent swelling, mold, and paint peeling, offering a range of cure times and viscosities suitable for various applications such as installation, assembly, and fabrication. The PVC TrimWelder™ products bond effectively to diverse construction substrates, including concrete, stone, aluminum, various metals, and composites, ensuring strong and stable bonds for trim, molding, deck railing, beadboard installations, and window and door surrounds. The product line includes solvent-based adhesives, silicone-free options, and methyl methacrylate adhesives (MMA), making it the only adhesive line recommended by every major cellular PVC manufacturer in North America.
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Brand Highlights
  • This product line contains a variety of different adhesive and sealant products that bond to various construction substrates, concrete, stone, aluminum, and various metals and composites. Whether you are repairing or building trim, molding, deck railing and beadboard installations, or window and door surrounds.
  • The PVC TrimWelder™ line of products has solvent-based adhesives, silicone-free, and Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives (MMA) options for different applications and projects, and is the only one recommended/certified for use with every major cellular PVC manufacturer in North America.


Product Lines

Solvent-based structural adhesives

Within the PVC TrimWelder™ product line is the PVC TrimWelder™ White Hot™ solvent-based adhesive. This product is designed specifically for joining PVC plastic to itself, and is a fast-acting, high-strength adhesive.


Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives (MMA) & solvent-free structural adhesives

H.B. Fuller offers fast cure and slow cure MMA products that provide stress and impact resistance, are color matching, gap filling, paintable, sandable, and have high tensile, shear, and peel strengths. The PVC TrimWelder MMA products are also solvent-free and require no surface preparation when joining plastics, metals, aluminum, or composites. Our PVC TrimWelder™ Fast Cure adhesive has a 4 to 7 minute work time with 80 percent strength in just 30 minutes, while the PVC TrimWelder™ Slow Cure adhesive has a 20 to 25 minute working time with 80 percent strength in 90 to 120 minutes. The fast cure and slow cure systems are also both stronger than the PVC board substrates that they bond.

PVC TrimWelder™ Capabilities Include
  • Fast Cure
  • Slow Cure
  • Laminating Grade
  • Fill and Flex™, Nail Erasers, Nail Sticks™ and White Hot™ Products
  • QwikMixer™ Tips
  • COX Dispense Guns