TEC® Multipurpose Primer 560

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TEC® Multipurpose Primer TA-560 is an acrylic latex-based primer designed for use with TEC® self-leveling underlayments. It can also facilitate the bonding of other TEC® surface preparation products and latex-modified thin-set mortars to challenging substrates like metal, glazed ceramic tile, gypsum-based underlayments, and concrete treated with specific types of curing compounds (silicate or acrylic resin curing compounds only). It's also effective for priming resin and metal backings on natural stone, allowing for installation with latex-modified thin-set instead of epoxy mortar. Additionally, it can promote bonding over cold-rolled steel substrates.

Product Type: Primer, Waterborne Sealant

Application Area: Ceramic Tiles, Floor

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Cement Backer Board, Cold-Rolled Steel, Concrete, Gypsum, Metal, Plywood, Stone

Features: Easy To Apply, Low VOC, Self-Leveling

Application Method: Broom, Brush, Roller

Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
Ready-to-Use Product Features
Product Highlights
  • Multipurpose primer for all approved porous and non-porous substrates
  • Easy to apply with brush or roller for non-porous surfaces, or push broom for porous surfaces
  • Enables installation of ceramic tile or natural stone directly to metal, gypsum-based underlayments, glazed tile (without scarifying) and well bonded epoxy coatings
  • Contributes to LEED® project points
  • Solvent-free
  • Low VOC

Applications & Uses

Application Area
Application Method

Coverages shown are approximate. Actual coverages may vary according to substrate conditions and thickness of applications.

    Coverage Rates in square feet
Substrates Primer to
Water Ratio
Quart Gallon 5 Gallon
Porous concrete (two coats may be required for highly porous substrates)* 1:3 102.5 410 2050
Gypsum-based underlayments (two coats required, ratios 1:4 and 1:2) 1:4 / 1:2 102.5 / 82.5 410 / 330 2050 / 1650
Plywood 3:1 62.5 250 1250
Vinyl Tile Peel & Stick Applications 1:1 82.5 330 1650
Non-porous surfaces Full Strength 75 300 1500
Suitable Substrates

Suitable for use over the following clean, dry, structurally sound and unpainted surfaces: concrete, cementitious backer units (CBU or cement board), exterior grade plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), adhesive residue (except tacky or pressure- sensitive adhesive), cold-rolled steel, existing VCT, LVT or non-cushioned sheet goods if they are single layer only and well bonded to a substrate approved for flooring, gypsum- based substrates — minimum tensile bond strength 72 psi (0.5 MPa). For specific recommendations on other substrates, please contact your TEC® representative.

Substrate Preparation
  • Remove all surface contaminates such as oil, grease, floor finishes, wax and dirt.
  • Remove adhesive by scraping until all that remains is a thin, transparent layer of adhesive residue. Minimum tensile bond strength of 72 psi (0.5 MPa) is required. For detailed substrate preparation information, refer to appropriate surface preparation product data sheet.
  • Concrete curing compounds: for use over concrete treated with silicate or acrylic resin curing compounds only. For silicate types, remove all residual salts. Install sample test areas to evaluate bond strength.
  • Samples must achieve minimum 72 psi tensile bond strength. Petroleum based or wax emulsions and dissipating curing compounds are unacceptable and must be removed by mechanical means such as shot blasting.
Limitations Information
  • Not for use as a wear surface.
  • Do not apply over wet areas.
  • Do not use over dimensionally unstable substrates such as particle board, pressboard, lauan plywood, waferboard, tempered hardboard (e.g. Masonite) or fiberglass.
  • Do not use in areas subject to hydrostatic pressure from beneath the membrane.
  • For exterior wall applications, refer to local building codes for moisture vapor transmission requirements.
Installation Instructions


  • For best results, maintain all tiling materials, substrates, room and adhesives at 50°-70°F (10-21°C) for 24 hours before and 48 hours after installation. In a clean mixing container, pour 51⁄2-6 quarts (5.2-5.7 L) clean, cool water.
  • Add 1⁄2 bag of Fast Set 3N1® Performance Mortar and mix until all powder is consumed. Add 1⁄4 bag and mix until powder is consumed. Add final 1⁄4 bag and mix to a thick creamy consistency. Avoid breathing dust and contact with eyes and skin.
  • Avoid using high speed mixing, not to exceed 300 rpm, to prevent entraining air.
  • Use immediately.


  • Apply mortar using flat side of trowel to promote better substrate contact, then comb in one direction with the notched side of the trowel.
  • Spread only an area that can be tiled while surface is still tacky (typically 10-15 minutes). Press tiles into setting bed, then push in a direction perpendicular to theridges to achieve optimum coverage.
  • Apply mortar in a heavy enough layer so that complete contact (no voids) between mortar and tile is accomplished when tile is positioned. It may be necessary to “back-butter” large tiles to achieve complete coverage and firm support.
  • Periodically remove and check a tile to assure proper coverage. Keep a minimum of 2⁄3 of the joint depth between tiles for grouting. Open time and tile hand adjustability may vary with job site conditions.
  • Stir occasionally during use to maintain the smooth, creamy consistency of the product. Do not add additional water.


  • Clean tools, hands, and excess materials from face of tile, while mortar is still fresh, with warm soapy water.


  • Grouting may be accomplished when tiles are held firmly in place, typically 3 to 4 hours after installation is completed. No traffic is permitted over the tiles prior to grouting.
  • Cold temperatures or high humidity may extend curing time, working time, and pot life. Hot temperatures or low humidity may decrease curing time, working time, and pot life. Unglazed tiles may require sealing prior to grouting so discolorations will not occur.
  • The use of TEC® brand grouts is highly recommended.


Physical Form
Arylic white emulsion
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Weight per Liter1.05 - 1.07kg
Weight per U.S. Gallon8.7 - 8.9lb

Regulatory & Compliance

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Packaging Information
  • 1 quart jugs (946 mL)
  • 1 quart jugs (946 mL) Canadian
  • 1 gallon jugs (3.78 L)
  • 5 gallon pails (18.93 L)

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
1 year
Storage and Handling Conditions
  • DO NOT FREEZE. TEC® Multipurpose Primer must be stored in an unopened container in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight and protected from weather.
  • Maximum of 1 year from date of manufacture in unopened package.
  • Freeze/Thaw Stability None. Do not freeze.