Swift®bond 2140 + Swift®hardener 2111

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Swift®bond 2140 + Swift®hardener 2111 are two-component polyurethane adhesives. It offers good shelf-life stability and has a fogging resistance of greater than 130°C. The adhesive provides excellent bond strength at temperatures greater than 120°C and demonstrates excellent in-lamp durability. It is designed to exhibit cohesive failure after exposure to various conditions. It has a slow green strength, allowing for extended assembly time. This adhesive is specifically used for headlamp lens and housing bonding in exterior lighting applications.

Product Type2K (2 component) Adhesive

Application AreaAutomotive Lighting

Chemical FamilyPolyurethanes (PU)

FeaturesAnti-Fogging, Good Bonding Strength, Good Green Strength, Long Shelf Life

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