Hydra FAST-EN® Bond Plus® 20760

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Hydra FAST-EN® Bond Plus® 20760 is a vinyl acetate-ethylene adhesive. It is a water-based product for use in bonding PVC flooring to a plywood base. It has a high solid content and can be sprayed, brushed, or roll coated. The bond line has water resistance and good resistance to plasticizer migration.

Product Type: Waterborne Adhesive

Application Area: Brush

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Plywood, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Application Method: Brush, Roll Coater, Spray

Chemical Family: Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE) Copolymer

Technical Data Sheet
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Application Area
Application Method
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Application Information
  • Application amounts vary according to substrates and are generally around 8 - 10 wet mils.
  • Substrates must be wet mated and allowed to dry to develop sufficient bond for subsequent handling.
  • Strength development is rapid (1.5 - 3 hrs.) at 700°F and above.
  • Full strength develops within 24 hours.
  • Clean-up: Use water when wet and cleaning solvents when dry.


Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
pHapprox. 5.0--
Viscosity (at 73°F, spindle 3, at 20 rpm)approx. 3000cP-
Solid Contentapprox. 73%-
Densityapprox. 9.03lb/gal-

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Shelf Life
12 Months