H.B. Fuller EA6204

H.B. Fuller EA6204 is a one-component, ultraviolet light-curable adhesive designed for LCD end-sealing applications. The cured adhesive exhibits high flexibility and toughness, good moisture resistance, and good chemical resistance. The product offers excellent adhesion to glass and is ideal for applications such as flat panel displays (FPD).

Product Type1K (1 component) Adhesive, Radiation Curable Adhesive

Application AreaDisplays, Electronic Components, Flat Panel Display (FPD), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Compatible Substrates & SurfacesGlass, Metal

FeaturesChemical Resistant, Fast Curing, Good Adhesion, Good Impact Strength, Good Toughness, High Flexibility, Moisture Resistant, UV Curable

Technical Data Sheet

Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits
  • High speed curing
  • High toughness and impact strength
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Good adhesion to glass

Applications & Uses

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Directions for Use
  1. This product is light sensitive, exposure to daylight, UV light and artificial lighting should be kept to a minimum during storage and handling.
  2. For best performance bond surfaces should be clean and free from grease, oil, dirt, or other contaminants.
  3. Cure rate is dependent on lamp intensity, distance from light source, depth of cure needed or bond line gap and light transmittance of the substrate through which the radiation must pass.
  4. Excess adhesive can be wiped away using organic solvents, e.g. IPA, MEK.
  5. Bonded joints should be allowed to cool before subjecting to any service loads.


Physical Form
Cured Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Hardness75.0Durometer, Shore D
Tensile Strength (at Break)33.0MPa
Elongation at Break20.0%
Lap Shear Strength (Glass - Glass)13.0MPa
Uncured Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Specific Gravity1.04
Typical Cured Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
OLSS (Glass)11.0MPa
Tack free energy (at 365 nm)2000.0mJ/cm²

The values noted in this data sheet are typical properties only and are not intended to be used as material specifications.

Technical Details & Test Data

Cure Schedule
  • The product cures in seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation of 365nm.
  • Surface cure is enhanced by exposure to UV light in the 220 to 260 nm range.
  • Tack free energy (at 365nm).................. 400 mJ/cm²

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific (Excluding Russia)
  • Europe (Excluding Russia)
  • India
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
12 Months
Storage Conditions

Product shall be stored in a cool, dry area in unopened containers at a temperature between 8℃ to 25℃ unless otherwise labeled.