ElastiSeal® R-900 is a uniquely formulated one-part butyl adhesive/sealant designed to have excellent resistance to environmental temperature extremes and acid/alkaline conditions. ElastiSeal® R-900 forms a permanent flexible bond to a wide variety of substrates, including brick, concrete, metals, and plastics. It skins over very rapidly through solvent release and cures to a tape-like consistency.

Product Type: 1K (1 component) Adhesive, Elastomeric Adhesive, Elastomeric Sealant, Solventborne Adhesive

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Brick, Concrete, Elastomers & Rubbers, Metal, Plastics

Features: Acid Resistant, Alkali Resistant, Good Moisture Resistance, Good Weather Stability, High Temperature Resistance, Improved Flexibility

Technical Data Sheet
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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Ready-to-Use Product Features
Product Features
  • Butyl adhesive/sealant designed to have excellent resistance to environmental temperature extremes and acid/alkaline conditions
  • Permanent flexible bond to wide variety of substrates including brick, concrete, metals, and plastics
  • Skins over very rapidly
  • Will not attack polystyrene foam

Applications & Uses

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Application Data
  • Instructions: Apply with a standard caulking gun from tubes or trowel on as needed from pails.
  • Limitations: All surfaces to be sealed or bonded must be clean and dry. Primer may be required for certain surfaces.
  • Clean-Up: Use Mineral Spirits or VM&P Naphtha.


Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Specific Gravity1.16-ASTM D1475
Solid Content75.0%ASTM C681
Sag or Flow0.05inchASTM D2202
Press Flow Viscosity55.0sASTM D2452
Flash Point8.9°CASTM D56
VOC Content330.0g/LASTM D3960
Shear Strength25.0psiASTM D1002
Tensile Strength25.0psiASTM D638
Elongation140.0%ASTM D 638
Hardness50 - 55-ASTM C661, Shore 00
Hardness8 - 12-ASTM C661, Shore A
Resistance (to 5% nitric, sulfuric and hydrochloric acid)*Excellent-ASTM D545
Application Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Service Temperature- 40 - 121°C-
Application Temperature- 6 - 49°C-

*No effect after 30 day immersion

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Regional Availability
  • North America
  • Cartridges
  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums
  • Storage & Handling

    Shelf Life
    12 Months
    Storage Conditions

    Store material in original unopened packaging between 18°C to 43°C (65°F to 110°F).