Hydra FAST-EN® DC-20852

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Hydra FAST-EN® DC-20852 is a specific type of water-based adhesive that is designed for bonding open-cell urethane foams. It is important to note that DC-20852 is only one component of a two-component adhesive system, and it requires the use of an activator known as DC-12239 (Part B).

Chemical Family: Polychloroprenes

Product Type: 2K (2 component) Adhesive, Waterborne Adhesive

Application Area: Open Cell Urethane Foams

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Foam

Features: Long Shelf Life

Technical Data Sheet
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Applications & Uses

Application Area
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces

Equipment Considerations

Hydra FAST-EN® DC-20852 is compatible with several different external mix spray gun systems. These systems are designed to deliver Part A and B materials to the spray head via air pressure. Each part has its own pressure setting. Part B is delivered to the spray head and introduced to Part A external to the spray head, which minimizes spray head clogging problems.

Easy Clean-up

  • Since the mixed Part A and Part B are not in contact internal to the spray equipment, it is not necessary to clean the gun often. If the gun is to be used again within 16 to 24 hours, the gun can be left as is (with system pressurized) without any problems. It is recommended that the gun be cleaned every 5 days, or if it is not going to be used within 48 hours (i.e. over weekend).
  • Clean up is easily accomplished using commercially available liquid detergent in a water solution. Tap water alone is not recommended for clean up.
  • For clean up, use water when wet and cleaning solvents when dry.


Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
pHapprox. 12--
Viscosity (at 73°F, Spindle 4, 20 rpm)approx. 5000cP-
Solid Contentapprox. 53%-
Densityapprox. 9.1lb/gal-

Safety & Health

Precautionary Data
  • This product is nonflammable when wet
  • For professional or industrial use only
  • Use with adequate ventilation
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep container closed when not in use
  • Keep from freezing

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
9 Months
Disposal Information
  • Do not reuse container or remove label.
  • Safely dispose of container and contents in accordance with applicable Federal, State and Local regulations.