H.B. Fuller EP702 (FH8516)

H.B. Fuller EP702 (FH8516) is a 2K epoxy adhesive. This adhesive is known for its room temperature curing properties, making it convenient and efficient for bonding applications. It is designed to provide high strength, excellent flexibility, and good impact resistance after curing. One of the notable features and benefits of H.B. Fuller EP702 (FH8516) is its versatility in bonding various substrates, including composites, metals, glass, and ceramics. The adhesive offers reliable bonding performance, ensuring strong and durable structures.

Chemical Family: Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives

Product Type: 2K (2 component) Adhesive, Epoxy Adhesive, Structural Adhesive

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Ceramic, Composites, Glass, Metal

Features: Good Bonding Strength, Good Flexibility, Good Impact Strength, High Strength

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