ProSpec® Premium Patch 200

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ProSpec® Premium Patch 200 is a rapid-setting, fiber-reinforced, high-strength, polymer-modified cement mortar designed for concrete repair and overlay applications that require high durability. The high-performance cement technology and alkali-resistant fibers of this product help improve impact, flexural, and tensile strengths.

Product Type: Concrete Admixture, Grout

Features: Excellent Strength, Fast Setting, Fiberglass Reinforced, Good Adhesion, High Tensile Strength, Impact Modified, Wide Temperature Operating Range

Chemical Family: Polyurethanes (PU)

Technical Data Sheet
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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
Ready-to-Use Product Features
Product Benefits
  • Polymer-modified for increased flexural strength
  • Excellent bond - no bonding agent needed
  • Interior/exterior
  • High early strength - over 14 MPa in one hour allows repairs to be opened to traffic within 60 minutes
  • Wide temperature range - from -6°C to 38°C
  • Apply 12 mm to 51 mm
  • Can be extended up to 60% by weight for repairs greater than 51 mm deep
  • High performance cement technology and alkali resistant fibers help improve impact, flexural and tensile strengths
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor
  • Contains no chlorides or magnesium phosphates
  • Compatible with portland cement formulated concrete
  • Suitable for DOT horizontal concrete repairs
  • Cement based, non-corrosive - not a chemical concrete
  • Meets ASTM C928, standard specification for packaged, dry, very rapid, hardening cementitious materials for concrete repair

Applications & Uses


All materials should be stored at 4°C to 27°C 24 hours prior to installation.

  • Surfaces must be solid, clean, free of all bond breakers such as oil, grease, dirt etc. Weak concrete surfaces must be cleaned down to solid sound concrete by mechanical means.
  • The base concrete should be roughened to enhance mechanical bond and repair areas should be in a saturated surface dry (SSD) condition with all standing water removed.


Ideal application conditions are when air, material and substrate temperature are between 4°C and 27°C.

  • Hot and Cold Weather Applications:

Ideal mixed product temperature at placement is 21°C, where the initial setting time is 15 - 20 minutes. Hot temperatures will shorten setting time, while cold temperatures will extend setting time.

  • Hot Weather 27ºC to 38ºC:

Keep Premium Patch 200 cool. Pre-soak and then remove standing water from the repair area, resulting in a saturated surface dry (SSD) surface. Mix Premium Patch 200 using ice water to extend working time. The repair must be protected from rapid dry out with wet burlap or a water based curing compound.

  • Cold Weather -7ºC to 4ºC:

Do not use antifreeze or accelerators and keep Premium Patch 200 warm. Heat the surrounding concrete until warm. Combine the warmed repair material with warm mixing water. After placing use a construction insulating blanket for at least 2 - 3 hours and keep material from freezing.

Job Mockups:

The manufacturer requires that when its ProSpec® products are used in any application or as part of any system that includes other manufacturers’ products, the contractor and/or design professional shall test all the system components collectively for compatibility, performance and long-term intended use in accordance with pertinent and accepted industry standards prior to any construction.


  • Mix as close to the area being repaired as possible. Premium Patch 200 requires only the addition of water. Use 3.0 L per 22.7 kg. Place the potable water into the mixing container and then while mixing add the repair material.
  • Premium Patch 200 can be mixed in a mortar mixer or by using a paddle attached to a heavy duty 1/2” drill (650 rpm). Mix for 2-3 minutes to a lump free consistency. Do not retemper or overwater. Place immediately after mixing, working Premium Patch 200 firmly into the sides and bottom eliminating air pockets and ensuring bond. This is best done working from one side of the cavity to the other and then screeding toward the adjoining concrete.
  • For repairs deeper than 2” (5 cm), Premium Patch 200 can be extended 60% by weight using clean 10 mm dry pea gravel. Mix the Premium Patch 200 as outlined and then during the last minute of mixing (after 2 minutes) add the pea gravel, blend for 1 additional minute and place.


Premium Patch 200 should be moist cured for 1 hour after final set or the application of a water-based curing compound is acceptable. Prolonged wet curing minimizes the chances of cracking and improves physical properties.

Use water to clean all tools immediately after use.


  • Do not use for applications less than 12 mm thick.
  • Do not retemper after mixing.
  • Do not overwater or add other cements or additives.
  • Protect from premature drying.


  • 22.7 kg yields approximately 0.01 m³.
  • 22.7 kg extended with 13.6 kg of 10 mm
  • pea gravel yields approximately 0.02 m³


Technical Data
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
set Time (at 21°C, initial set)approx. 18minASTM C 191
set Time (at 21°C, final set)approx. 20minASTM C 191
Compressive Strength (at 24ºC, 1 hour)18.3MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 24ºC, 3 hours)24.1MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 24ºC, 1 day)41.3MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 24ºC, 7 days)55.1MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 24ºC, 28 days)69.0MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 4°C, 3 hours)17.2MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 4°C, 1 day)27.6MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 4°C, 7 days)55.1MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 4°C, 28 days)69.0MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 38ºC, 1 hour)24.1MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 38°C, 3 hours)34.5MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 38°C, 1 day)41.3MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 38°C, 7 days)55.1MPaASTM C 109
Compressive Strength (at 38°C, 28 days)69.0MPaASTM C 109
Flexural Strength (7 days)4.8MPaASTM C 348
Flexural Strength (28 days)5.4MPaASTM C 348
Bond Strength (at 7 days)9.6MPaASTM C 882
Bond Strength (at 28 days)13.8MPaASTM C 882
Test Length Change of Hardened Cement Mortar and Concrete (28 days, water storage)0.038%ASTM C 928
Test Length Change of Hardened Cement Mortar and Concrete (28 days, air storage)-0.094%ASTM C 928
Test Length Change of Hardened Cement Mortar and Concrete (28 days, differential)0.132%ASTM C 928
Scaling Resistance (Freeze/thaw, 5 Cycles)0.0-ASTM C 672
Scaling Resistance (Freeze/thaw, 10 Cycles)0.0-ASTM C 672
Scaling Resistance (Freeze/thaw, 15 Cycles)0.0-ASTM C 672
Scaling Resistance (Freeze/thaw, 20 Cycles)0.0-ASTM C 672
Scaling Resistance (Freeze/thaw, 25 Cycles)0.0-ASTM C 672

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Regional Availability
  • North America
Packaging Information
  • 22.7 kg bag

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
12 Months
Storage Condition

Store in the original, unopened container, away from moisture, under cool, dry conditions and out of direct sunlight.