H.B. Fuller HL6415XZP

H.B. Fuller HL6415XZP is a foamable hot melt designed for use as a cabinet sealant in the appliance industry. It features excellent foam density reduction, low application temperatures, good heat resistance, high toughness, and easy clean-up from metal and ABS.

Product Type: 1K (1 component) Adhesive, Foamable Adhesive, Hot Melt Adhesive

Application Area: Appliances

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Metal

Features: Excellent Toughness, Low Application Temperature, Very Good Heat Resistance

Technical Data Sheet
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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Applications & Uses

Application Area
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Application Instructions

When used with foamed hot melt application equipment the temperature settings throughout the system may vary from 250-300 F, depending on the design and output variables. Technical assistance may be required.

Equipment: Any hot melt application equipment capable of maintaining the suggested adhesive temperature noted above at the required melt rates.


  • Flush previous hot melt out of equipment following recommended procedures.
  • Adjust application equipment to above suggested temperatures.
  • If pre-melting options are used, set this function at the lowest possible temperature and still be able to maintain the required adhesive temperature and melt rate.
  • The open time of this product may be increased slightly by raising the application temperature and decreased slightly by lowering the application temperature within a small range of temperature changes.
  • Adjust pump pressure for desired bead diameter (line speed and extrusion nozzle orifice affect bead diameter in conjunction with pump pressure).

Precautions: ZEROPACK film is not compatible with this foamable hot melt sealant. ZEROPACK serves only as a removable container for this product. Slit the ZEROPACK film and empty the pillows into the melt hopper. Inclusion of the ZEROPACK film into the application equipment may result in substandard foam quality


Physical Form
Off white liquid
Material Specifications
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Roll Coater Open Time45 - 60s-
Solid Content100.0%-
Mettler Softening Point207.0°FASTM D3461
Application Temperature265.0°F-
Rheological Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Viscosity (at 275°F)4250.0cP-
Viscosity (at 300°F)1300.0cP-

Safety & Health

Safety Advice

To minimize the risk of burns, we recommend the use of eye protection and protective clothing when working near a hot melt applicator. To minimize the risk of flammable vapors, do not exceed a melt temperature of 400 F. Prevent the buildup of vapors. Extinguish all sources of ignition during hot melt use. Use in a well-ventilated area.

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability
  • North America

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
24 Months
Storage Conditions

We suggest that this product be stored in containers in an upright position in areas where ambient temperatures will not exceed 100ºF. Storage of this product at temperatures exceeding 100°F may cause the product to block together, creating handling difficulties.