ElastiSeal® BP-300 is a non-skinning, non-hardening, permanently flexible gun-grade compound. It maintains a positive airtight seal by remaining both permanently adhesive and flexible to all of the substrates that it is applied to. This non-skinning sealant does not accept paint.

Product Type: Elastomeric Sealant, Sealant

Application Area: Acoustic Barrier, Bedding, Curtain Walls, Roofing Substrates, Roofs

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Concrete, Foam, Glass, Gypsum, Metal, Plastics, Polyethylene (PE), Wood

Application Method: Gun

Chemical Family: Butyl Rubber

Features: Excellent Substrate Adhesion, Flexible, Gun Grade Consistency, Non-Hardening, Non-Skinning, Vapor Barrier, Wide Temperature Operating Range

Technical Data Sheet
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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Ready-to-Use Product Features
Product Attributes
Features Benefits
Excellent adhesion to multiple substrates

Adheres to clean concrete, gypsum, metal, glass, plastic and wood surfaces without primer

Excellent gunnability, even at low temperatures

Wide application temperature range

Flexible, even at extremely low temperatures -40°C (-40°F)

Wide service temperature range

Water resistant, even under immersion conditions

Long term moisture barrier

Non-skinning and non-hardening

Permanently flexible

Applications & Uses

Application Area
Application Method
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Basic Use
  • Acoustical Sealant - Reduces sound transmission of partition systems. It will effectively increase the Sound Transmission Class (STC) value by as much as 65% by properly sealing partition openings. See ASTM C 919-02 Section 8.2.2 for use of non-drying and non-skinning sealants in acoustical applications.
  • Roof Panel Rib Sealant - A good balance of cohesion and adhesion to painted and aluminized steel panels as manufactured on a roll forming machine without further cleaning, pretreatment or other surface preparation at erection temperatures from -7°C to 60°C (20°F to 140°F).
  • Vapor Barrier Sealant - Maintains a positive airtight seal by remaining both permanently adhesive and flexible to all substrates that it is applied onto, such as polyethylene vapor barrier films, wood, concrete, metal and foam boards. It is excellent for sealing roof drains and behind termination bar details for commercial roofing applications
  • Bedding Sealant - Used as a buck frame, threshold or bedding sealant when applied to metal or glass surfaces.
  • Curtainwall Sealant -  Prevents air infiltration and water leakage to unexposed curtain wall joints.
Clean Up

Clean with VM&P Naphtha or Mineral Spirits.

  • All surfaces to be sealed or bonded must be clean and dry.
  • Not recommended for direct contact with IG (Insulated Glass) Sealants.
Application Instructions
  • All surfaces must be clean and dry.
  • Apply with a standard caulking gun.
  • Cut nozzle to desired bead size. Puncture inner seal.
  • Apply at a 45° angle using constant pressure.
  • Use at room temperature for ease of gunning.
  • Use mineral spirits or VM&P Naphtha to remove excess material.


Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Base PolymerSynthetic Rubber-FTIR
Aged TackPermanently Tacky-ASTM D 2377
Shrinkagemax. 20%ASTM D 2453
Sag (at 70°C)max. 0.15inchASTM D 2202
Peel Strength (with no loss of bond)min. 0.5 pliASTM C 794
Press-flow Viscositymax. 40SecondsASTM D 2452 (modifi ed)
Hardness30 - 40-Shore 00 Durometer
AdhesionExcellent to most clean surfaces-ASTM C 794
WeatheringVery slight color change; No loss of adhesion; No cracking; No wrinkling-ASTM G 53, QUV Chamber
Water ResistanceNo loss of adhesion; No shrinkage; No chalking-AAMA 809.2 Non-Drying Sealants
Flash Point40°CASTM D 56
VOC Contentmax. 150 g/LASTM D 3960
Solids Contentmin. 85%ASTM C 681
Specific Gravity (Dependent on color)1.2 - 1.6-ASTM D 1475
Application Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Service Temperature-40 to 121°CASTM C 1257
Application Temperature4 - 35°CASTM C 603

The foregoing information is published as general information only. The listed properties and performance characteristics are approximate values and are not part of the product specifi cation.

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Packaging Information
  • 10.3 fl . oz. (305 ml) cartridge
  • 5 gallon pail
  • 55 gallon drum

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
24 months (at 4 - 32°C)