H.B. Fuller's Full-Care® solutions, with over 40 years of technology leadership in the hygiene market, offer more than just high-performance hot melt adhesives. They embody a comprehensive approach to innovative care, supply care, technical care, sustainable care, and global care. We are committed to delivering soft, fit, efficient, and cost-effective hygiene adhesives to meet today's consumer demands.  With our team of technical experts, we provide superior industry expertise and quality technical service. As your sustainability partner, we're focused on eco-oriented innovations, helping conserve resources, minimize waste, and support the manufacture of sustainable hygiene products. Our global presence and local expertise ensure ongoing supply assurances and innovative adhesive solutions for tomorrow’s hygiene product needs.
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With more than 40 years of technology leadership in the hygiene market, H.B. Fuller knows what matters to customers. In order to bring in-demand, high-performance hygiene product solutions to market, you need a partner that has both global R&D capabilities and problem-solving power; a partner that can help deliver the products your customers want and the end-to-end support your business needs. Whether you manufacture baby and infant care, feminine care, adult care, or specialty disposable absorbent products, you can rely on the performance of our Full-Care® solutions.


Innovative Care: Today’s consumers demand hygiene adhesives that enable absorbent products designed for softness, fit, performance and cost effectiveness. We tailor our products and processes to meet our customers’ critical needs. With our in-house coating and global technical capabilities, we rigorously test and fine-tune our solutions before they reach the production line.


Supply Care: Our Full-Care® formulations use polymers derived from both crude oil and natural gas, and have been developed using alternate technology bases, like our third generation olefin technology. Our proven history in formulating with a broad technology base means we are able to quickly source proven alternatives to provide customers with a supply solution and avoid downtime.


Technical Care: Our team of technical experts supports our customers in optimizing the value gained from using our Full-Care® solutions. Tailored development projects are one of our specialties, and our superior industry expertise and quality technical service is an important part of the Full-Care® package.


Sustainable Care: The world is moving toward eco-oriented innovations, and H.B. Fuller is focused on supporting our customers’ businesses and helping them achieve their sustainable goals. With adhesive technologies, designed to help conserve precious resources, minimize waste and support customers in manufacturing new generation of sustainable hygiene products. We are your sustainability partner.


Global Care: Our global supply chain is focused on securing raw material supplies at the best value for all technology bases in order to provide ongoing supply assurances for our customers. Because of our global presence, coupled with our local expertise, we successfully deliver innovative adhesives today to meet tomorrow’s hygiene product needs.


Our Full-Care® Family

At H.B. Fuller, we are passionate about helping our hygiene customers create new solutions, including reducing fluff, improving fit, lowering odor, and overall creating thinner, better fitting, more absorbent products a reality. Our innovative range of hot melt adhesives provides robust solutions for our customers, enabling lower add-ons to deliver reduced cost in use.