Full-Care® 3220 hot melt laminating adhesive is for manufacturers of medical laminations or laminated medical personal protective equipment (PPE) who want to bond a layer of polyfilm between two layers of nonwoven to be used internally or sold to companies for the assembly of medical PPE.

Full-Care® 3220 provides strong bonding to a wide variety of substrates and high-speed lamination support, paired with a long open time, low odor, light color, and applications at low temperatures.

This allows disposable gown manufacturers to ensure the best experience for the end user.

Product TypeHot Melt Adhesive, Laminating Adhesive

Application AreaDisposable Gowns, Medical Lamination, Medical Personal Protective Equipment

FeaturesExcellent Multi-Substrate Adhesion, Good Bonding Strength, High Speed Lamination Support, Light Color, Long Open Time, Low Application Temperature, Low Odor

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