Full-Care® 7885 is superior core stabilization solution for hygiene producers to get more from their core, while saving on overall material. One notable feature is its ability to be applied at lower temperatures, leading to significant cost savings of up to 30% during usage. Additionally, this adhesive exhibits deep penetration into the core, enhancing the overall integrity of disposable hygiene articles. It delivers optimal performance when directly sprayed onto the core. Full-Care® 7885 is compatible with all typical machines and applicator types commonly used in the industry. Another benefit is its longer open time, which allows for more thorough adhesive penetration into the core. This results in improved mileage and further cost savings.

Product Type: Hot Melt Adhesive, Hot Melt Nonreactive Adhesive

Application Method: Spray

Features: High Capacity of Penetration, Long Open Time, Low Temperature Performance, Reduced Source Consumption

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Product Highlights
  • Full-Care 7885 provides a remarkable advantage with its extended open time, allowing the adhesive to deeply penetrate the core material. Thanks to its meticulously optimized viscosity profile, it can be applied at lower temperatures, enhancing its versatility. What sets it apart is its ability to significantly surpass industry standards in terms of wet core integrity, resulting in potential cost savings of up to 30% for hygiene product manufacturers.
  • This allows disposable hygiene manufacturers to ensure optimal performance when applied directly onto the core, although it can also be efficiently used on the poly back-sheet or core wrapping material. Its compatibility extends to all common machine types and application methods, including slot and spray, making it a versatile choice for various production setups.
Key Benefits
  • Optimized viscosity profile
  • No transfer
  • Cost savings

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  • Africa
  • Europe (Excluding Russia)
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  • India
  • Latin America
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  • North America