Full-Care® 8220 is a hot-melt adhesive developed for use in absorbent products, disposable baby diapers and adult incontinence products. One of the key features and benefits of Full-Care® 8220 is its elastic properties. It is designed to provide strong creep and shear performance, which is essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of absorbent products. Another advantage of Full-Care® 8220 is its potential to decrease coat weight. Additionally, Full-Care® 8220 is formulated to deliver consistently clean machining.

Product Type: Hot Melt Adhesive, Hot Melt Nonreactive Adhesive

Features: Excellent Creep, Excellent Shear Strength

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Features & Benefits

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Product Highlights
  • Full-Care® 8220 provides excellent creep and shear resistance optimized for all types of elastic strands and maintained even at low coat weights.
  • Its rheological properties have been meticulously fine-tuned to deliver a consistently clean application, suitable for all types of manufacturing equipment and compatible with the most commonly used elastic nozzles.
  • This high-performance elastic attachment adhesive allows disposable hygiene article manufacturers to maximize their total cost of ownership while producing better fitting and more comfortable absorbent products, optimizing the amount of adhesives needed for production and ensuring an efficient process with reduced downtimes.
Key Benefits
  • Seamless setup
  • Outstanding performance
  • Instantaneous attachment

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  • Latin America
  • North America