Icema™ R 141/40 is a polyurethane adhesive that uses polyaddition curing. It is a semi-structural, two-part resin and binder system that is easy to apply with a notched trowel and pourable. This adhesive is specially designed for applications in the filter industry.

Product Type: 2K (2 component) Adhesive

Chemical Family: Polyurethanes (PU)

Technical Data Sheet
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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Product Benefits

Icema™ R 141/40 is easy to apply with a notched trowel pourable.

Applications & Uses

Cure Method


Preparation of Adhesive Adhesive must be stirred to homogeneity before use

Surface Requirements

Free of grease
Free of dust
Polyolefin plastics have to be corona or flame treated
Other plastics and metals should be primed
Application Method via two part mixing and metering systems with notched trowel
Product is Free of Solvents
Cleaning Cleaner for Tools Körasolv PU


Moisture Sensitivity

The adhesive must not be exposed to moisture before and during application.
Moisture causes foaming leading to lower mechanical properties.


The adhesive connection has to be fixed or pressed until the adhesive is cured
Adhesive must not be diluted
Adhesive has to be applied to one bonding surface the joint between
The bonding surfaces must be be completely filled
Icema™ R 141/40 and materials to be bonded must not be processed at temperatures below the given processing temperature. Low temperature adhesive should be warmed and stirred well before use.

Curing conditions

The cured material properties are reached only when material is cured at the minimum curing conditions specified in the Technical Data section.

  • Preparation: For some substrates the use of mechanical pretreatment and/or cleaner or primer is necessary to achieve good adhesion.
  • Processing: Low temperatures can cause a temporary increase in viscosity resulting in reduced extrusion and slower curing rates.
  • Cleaning: Clean tools immediately after use. Once cured, the material can only be removed mechanically.
Application Application Process Typical Application Material 1 (core) Material 2 (skin) Technology Additional Information
Exterior Doors Lamination Roller also bead application XPS, wood Metal, wood, PVC 1-Component PVC with corona. For roller application, suitable only ICEMA products over 30 min. open time.
Fire Doors Lamination Spray, bead Rockwool, Gypsum Metal One-component, unfilled  



Component A
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Density (Icema™ R 141/40)1.5g/cm³DIN EN 542
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Density (Köracur TH 650)1.23g/cm³DIN EN 542
NCO Content (Köracur TH 650)31.0%-
Cured Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Pot Life15 , 9minKö-test method 100207
Curing Time (at 23°C, 50% RH)min. 24h-
Hardness50.0-ISO 868, Shore D
Processing Parameters
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Viscosity (Icema™ R 141/40)11000.0mPa.sKö-test method 100000
Viscosity (Köracur TH 650)300.0mPa.sKö-test method 100000
Mixing Ratio (Part A:Part B, by weight)1900-01-03T04:20:00+00:00--
Mixing Ratio (Part A:Part B, by volume)100:24.4--
Processing Temperature15 - 25°C-

Storage & Handling

Storage Conditions
  • Icema™ R 141/40 should be used within the shelf life specified on the packaging.
  • The storage stability only applies to material stored in original unopened containers, at storage temperature -25°C to 35°C.