H.B. Fuller Kodiguard

H.B. Fuller Kodiguard is used to provide security, soundproofing, and media functionality for various applications. The product utilizes multi-component catalytic or single-part ultraviolet curing platforms to achieve its desired properties. One of the key features and benefits of H.B. Fuller Kodiguard is its ability to enhance security and provide soundproofing capabilities. Additionally, H.B. Fuller Kodiguard offers media functionality, which can include features like privacy films, solar control, or other specialized coatings that enhance the performance of laminated glass in specific applications. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of windows where security, soundproofing, and media functionality are desired.

Product Type: Laminating Adhesive, Reactive Adhesive, Structural Adhesive

Application Area: Glass Surface, Windows

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Glass

Chemical Family: Polyurethanes (PU)

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  • Africa
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