H.B. Fuller EST-100

H.B. Fuller EST-100 is a pressure-sensitive tape that is easy to apply and compress. It is an extruded synthetic polymer-based sealant tape. The tape offers excellent adhesion to metal, plastic, glass, and other construction materials. It exhibits excellent weatherability and does not become brittle during service. Its primary uses include sealing lap joints and preventing the entry of dust, air, and moisture to ensure a weather-resistant seal. It falls under the category of sealant tapes and patches.

Product Type: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Tape

Application Area: Joints

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Glass, Metal, Plastics

Features: Excellent Moisture Resistance, Excellent Strength, Excellent Substrate Adhesion, Good Weather Stability, High Dust Control, Low Deformation Tendency, Weather Resistant

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