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H.B. Fuller MP54190GR
  • Chemical Family:Epoxy & Epoxy Derivatives
  • Product Type:Epoxy Adhesive, Structural Adhesive, Reactive Adhesive, 2K (2 component) Adhesive
  • Application Area:Foam Lamination, Potentiometers
  • Compatible Substrates & Surfaces:Metal, Ceramic, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Glass, Plastics
  • Features:Vibration Resistance, Good Air Release Properties, Good Adhesion, Excellent Shear Strength, Good Sagging Resistance, Room Temperature Curing, Water Resistant, Solvent Resistance, Good Toughness, High Impact Resistance, High Flexibility, Dimensional Stability, Good Peeling Strength, Excellent Salt Spray Resistance, Semi-flexible, Excellent Sealing Capability, Free Flowing
H.B. Fuller MP54190GR is a two-part adhesive that is easy to mix and cures at room temperature, making it suitable for bonding a variety of materials, including metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics. This medium-viscosity polyamide/epoxy adhesive is recommended for low-stress, high-impact, and high-peel strength bonding applications of dissimilar materials, offering superior thermal shock resistance, dimensional stability, and resistance to water, weather, and many chemicals. This adhesive system is designed for use in side-by-side dispensing cartridges and metering, mixing, and dispensing equipment with a recommended 1A:1B volume mix ratio. Handle cure time is typically 16–24 hours at room temperature, but this can be accelerated with heat. It's worth noting that cooler temperatures will increase work and cure times, and substrate heat-up time should be taken into account.