Swift®col Health 9248

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Swift®col Health 9248 solvent-based acrylic, the pressure-sensitive adhesive, is for manufacturers of medical products and devices who want to adhere to skin.

Swift®col Health 9248 solvent-based acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive provides biocompatible regulatory support, conforming to ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards, including 10993-5 (tests for cytotoxicity) and 10993-10 (tests for skin irritation and sensitization), to ensure the safest solution for consumers skin.

This allows manufacturers of medical products and devices to access sprayable, crystal-clear adhesive solutions that adhere effectively to skin and substrate materials, enabling satisfaction for skin-sensitive consumers.

Swift®Col Health 9248 is suitable for roll coats, while its sprayable properties enhance application options and provide regulatory support.

Product TypeSolventborne Adhesive

Application AreaKinesiology Tapes, Medical Drapes, Patches

Chemical FamilyAcrylics & Acrylates

FeaturesBiocompatible, Good Adhesion, Good Cold Flow, Good Wettability, High Initial Tack, Skin Contact Acceptable, Skin-friendly, Solvent-Based

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  • Designed for low energy surfaces
  • Good cold flow and wettability

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