Rakoll® HM 2333 is a fast-setting thermoplastic hot melt adhesive with excellent heat resistance and good flexibility at low temperatures. It is also a hydrophobic material with good water resistance and can adhere well to low-energy substrates like plastic. Moreover, it doesn't stick to most decorative cabinetry finishes.

Product TypeHot Melt Adhesive

Application AreaCabinetry, Furniture, Woodwork

FeaturesFast Setting, Good Adhesion, Good Green Strength, Heat Resistance, High Flexibility, Low Application Temperature, Low Energy Consumption, Water Resistant

Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Product Type

Features & Benefits

Product Benefits
  • Lower application temperature (325ºF - 335ºF) compared to
  • polyamide hot melt (375ºF - 425ºF)
  • Higher green strength compared to polyolefin hot melts
  • Faster set time compared to polyolefin
  • Better heat resistance compared to EVA hot melts
  • Better low temperature flexibility compared to typical polyamides
  • Meets and exceeds Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA)
  • cabinetry adhesive test standards
  • Tougher than typical polyamides

Applications & Uses


Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Bead to Molten193.0°F
Transition Temperature260.0°F
Open Time12.0s
Set Time15.0s
Mettler Soft Point302.0°F
Ultimate Stress429.0psi
Peel Adhesion Failure Temperature184.0°F
Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature255.0°F

Technical Details & Test Data

Viscosity Curve

Rakoll® HM 2333 - Viscosity Curve

Storage & Handling

Storage Condition

Store material in original unopened packaging at temperatures between 4°C and 32°C. Shelf life is two years minimum when stored as recommended.