Full-Care® 5607 is a hot-melt adhesive. One of the notable advantages of Full-Care® 5607 is its extremely low odor and color. This is particularly important in construction applications, where maintaining a clean and esthetically pleasing appearance is crucial. In addition, Full-Care® 5607 offers high peel performance even at low coat weights.

Product Type: Hot Melt Adhesive, Hot Melt Nonreactive Adhesive

Features: Cost Effective, Exceptional Peel, Good Machinability, Good Thermal Stability, High Efficiency, High Performance, Low Color Formation, Low Odor, Minimizes Downtime

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Key Benefits
  • A robust operating window ensures high levels of performance while providing cost savings and process efficiencies.
  • Cleaner operating conditions increase efficiency, reduce adhesive waste and downtime and costs associated with these.
  • High performance at different quantities applied
  • Robust performance under different substrates
  • Low odor and color

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  • Africa
  • Europe (Excluding Russia)
  • India
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America