Monosyn® QUICK is an undyed, short-term absorbable synthetic monofilament suture made of glyconate. It is used for the approximation of soft tissue, particularly in cases requiring a fast healing process. Monosyn® QUICK is recommended for all soft tissue types that exhibit rapid healing.

Accessories & PartsSuture

Application AreaENT, Gynaecology, Maxilofacial, Obstetrics, Odontology, Paediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Urology

Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Accessories & Parts
Product Overview
Structure Monofilament
Chemical composition Glyconate (72 % glycolide, 14 % trim-ethylene carbonate, 14 % Œ-caprolactone)
Coating Uncoated
Origin Synthetic
Sizes USP 6/0 (metric 0.7) to USP 1 (metric 4)
Type of absorption By hydrolysis
Mass absorption 56 days
Sterilisation Ethylene oxide

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Short-term absorption profile.

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