Monosyn is a mid-term uncoated, absorbable synthetic monofilament suture. It is available in undyed color for the closure of superficial wounds and in violet color for the rest of indications. Sizes range from USP 7/0 to USP 2.
Monosyn has several advantages, including: easy handling, high knot-pull tensile strength, rapid mass absorption and ideal degradation profile for soft tissue.
Monosyn is idicated for gastrointestinal surgery, gynacology & obstetrics, urology, skin closure (intracutaneous, subcutaneous), pediatrics and ligatures.

Accessories & PartsSuture

Application AreaGastrointestinal Surgery, Gynaecology, Ligatures, Obstetrics, Odontology, Paediatrics, Skin Closure (Intracutaneous), Skin Closure (Subcutaneous), Urology

Constituent MaterialGlyconate

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Identification & Functionality

Accessories & Parts
Constituent Material
Product Overview


Chemical composition Glyconate (72% glycolide, 14% trimethylene carbonate, 14% e-caprolactone)
Coating Uncoated
Origin Synthetic
Sizes USP 7/0 (0.5 metric) to USP 2 (5 metric)
Type of absorption By hydrolysis (Mass absorption: 60 to 90 days)
Sterilisation Ethylene oxide

Features & Benefits

Product Advanatges
  • Ideal degradation profile for soft tissue
  • Smooth tissue passage
  • Easy handling
  • High knot-pull tensile strength
  • Excellent knot security
  • Rapid mass absorption.

Applications & Uses

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability
  • North America