Millennium One Step™ Pneumatic Applicator

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Millennium One Step™ Pneumatic Applicator is designed to be used with Millennium One Step™ Adhesives and Sealants. The applicator uses compressed air to drive the pistons and can deliver a maximum thrust of approximately 1,500 pounds. The One Step™ Pneumatic Single Bead Applicator must be used with an air compressor (not included).

Equipment Type: Applicator, Dispensing Systems

Technical Data Sheet
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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Equipment Features
Key Attributes
Features Benefits
Air powered

No batteries or power cords needed

Quick and easy application

Installll a square of insulation in less than 2 minutes


Only a fraction of the cost of other applicator options

Lightweight Portable
High quality construction

Durable and dependable

Applications & Uses

Application Method

User Instructions

  1. Connect air hose from air compressor to air inlet located at the bottom of the handle using a quick connect or other fitting that has a compatible screw thread.
  2. Set air compressor regulator to 65 psi. 65 psi is the ideal operating pressure for adhesive/sealant application. Air pressure can also be regulated at the bottom of the applicator handle by turning screw knob. Turn knob clockwise for decreasing pressure and counterclockwise for increasing pressure. Knob should be fully opened when air compressor regulator is set to 65 psi.
  3. Ensure the pistons are fully retracted by setting the “air in/air out” button to “air out” and pressing the trigger (pistons will retract automatically). Place the rear of the cartridge over the pistons and lower the front of the cartridge into the frame assembly.
  4. Once the applicator is properly loaded set the “air in/air out” button to “air in” and squeeze the trigger located on the handle to dispense material. To stop, release the trigger. Adjust regulator pressure if needed to control speed of dispensing. CAUTION: Air pressure should not exceed 90 psi. Ensure that adhesive is at the recommended temperature for application to prevent blow by or cartridge damage.
  5. To retract the pistons set the “air in/air out” button to “air out” and press the trigger (pistons will retract automatically).

Maintenance Instructions

  • Keep the applicator clean. Remove adhesive and/or contamination from pistons and drive rods before it hardens. Do not allow cured adhesive to build-up on pistons.
  • Check the pistons and all fasteners routinely for tightness and proper function.
  • Lubricate internal pistons (monthly) by placing three drops of oil on the air inlet prior to connecting air supply.

Safety & Health

Safety Information

Protective equipment such as safety glasses and protective gloves must be worn when operating or servicing the Millennium One Step™ Pneumatic Single bead Applicator. The applicator should never be pointed at or near people. The applicator should never be actuated when the outlet tip of the adhesive cartridge is blocked or restricted by cured adhesive, any object, or some part of the body.

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability
  • Africa
  • Australia & New Zealand (ANZ)
  • Europe (Excluding Russia)
  • India
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • South East Asia
Packaging Information

Millennium One Step™ Pneumatic Applicator:

Description Part#
Pneumatic Applicator Kit EQ-AG400

The Millennium One Step™ Pneumatic Single Bead Applicator includes 1 quick connect male air fitting, 1 adjustable shoulder strap, and 1 detachable carriage handle.