H.B. Fuller Skin Staple Remover

The single-use and re-usable skin staple removers are designed to provide fast and easy removal of all types of surgical skin staples. The B. Braun Skin Stapler remover has several advantages including fast and easy removal of staples, removes atraumaticly all brands of surgical skin staples and it is available in reusable and single-use versions. Single-use skin stapler remover comes 6 units to a box. Reusable skin stapler remover comes 1 unit to a box.

Accessories & PartsSkin Staple Remover

Application AreaGeneral Surgery

Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Accessories & Parts

Features & Benefits

Product Advanatges
  • Removes atraumatically all brands of surgical skin staples
  • Fast and easy removal
  • Available in re-usable and single-use version

Applications & Uses

Application Area

Packaging & Availability

Product Availability
Product description Content / box Cat. No.
Single-use skin staple remover 6 units 783101
Re-usable skin staple remover 1 unit 783102